"Alexander Krivosheiw is an artist of vision and passion. His ideas are of a mature artist, and the craftsmanship is extraordinary; in both casting and fabrication. I feel as though his career is unfolding on a global level and he is truly an artist to watch" – Hans Van de Bovenkamp



STATEMENTAs a child of twelve I discovered an inherent and purely instinctive attraction in the movement of natural forms. I had an immediate desire to capture and to hold these objects into stillness, so I could further examine them. These natural and technological objects were as simple as a gust of wind poetically chasing the autumn leaves down a street to a clock spinning its hands of time.
Mechanical instruments slowly became more of interest to me throughout my youth. It was not until shortly after my teens I found these pleasing observational exercises of dynamic movements also had a very direct relationship with my emotions and my mind’s eye. Reason now became more systematic and designed. Once I discovered my ability to hold these metamorphic designs in my mind into complete stillness, my hands followed; thus allowing me to take and to project my own language into an external and tangible form.

My first medium started with clay then quickly transitioned into marble. I honed in on this ancient medium quickly with the benefit of a mentor in Greece, where I had lived for several years. Shortly after I returned to the states, I began an apprenticeship with a third generation metal sculptor. This apprenticeship lasted over seven years and it was one in which I grew an understanding and technique of the laborious and contemporary metal fabrication. This then transitioned into an effective expression of song, movement, and emotion.  These expressions are still metal forms which embody the integrity I had always envisioned.

In sculpture, I find my passion and the creative component of language and communication.  I think through my works…and I create physical shape through thought.  This celebration of my experience reflects my world.  I can communicate things I have no other way of expressing.  It is the only way for me.

The sculptures I create are a celebration of this very personal expression.  My inspiration for my art is, quite simply, how I see our world and connect to it….finding my place in the vast universe.

I have a profound respect for all artistic expression, and am humbled by all those who came before me, including the great and celebrated master sculptors with whom I studied and with whom I jointly created.

The representation of passion, of love, beauty, and humanity are fundamental to my journey, and each piece illustrates my inner connection to inviting thought and conversation.  This is my artistic goal.  A singularity of being, all the while pursuing my place in that roster of excellence.

The limitless space between abstraction and representation is my process and the physical manifestation of the aesthetic are cast in metals; hand-welded, polished, and shaped creations that I create in the laborious, old-school technique of metal fabrication.  I seek to balance the sophisticated modernity between familiar and foreign, which is my interpretation and expression of the song of movement and the poetry of emotion through the language of metal. I draw my inspiration from varied sources; industrial design, ancient Greek cultures and modern design.

I am intrigued by the fundamental nature of metal's longevity and strength, as well as its inherent elegance.  My sculpture brings permanence to my expressions, and for that I am grateful.
















BIOGRAPHY Alexander Krivosheiw's sculptures are extraordinarily powerful. Krivosheiw's star has risen meteorically in the art world, with a monumental bronze public commissioned sculpture for a luxury residential complex in Taiwan that will be unveiled in 2015.

Joining traditional hand-fabricated craftsmanship with innovative, iconoclastic concepts realized in bronze and aluminum, Krivosheiw creates dynamic, curvilinear monumental sculptures and functional forms. Occupying the liminal and limitless space between abstraction and representation, Alexander's hand-welded, polished, and shaped creations are created in the laborious, old-school technique of metal fabrication, yet balance the sophisticated modernity between familiar and foreign. Krivosheiw effectively and intimately expresses the song of movement and the poetry of emotion through the language of metal.

Alexander Krivosheiw is an American sculptor born in New York in 1976. He holds BA with honors degree in sculpture from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. His interest and influences were formed through studies in Greek mythology, archaeology, and social anthropology, as the Artist studied and honed his craft in Crete, Greece, where the traditions of sculpture began. He embarked on an extensive apprenticeship with sculptor Kevin Barrett honing his welding and fabrication skills for large-form sculpture. Works fabricated under Barrett's tutelage include bronze and aluminum sculptures reaching heights of 18 feet, many of which now reside in private collections worldwide. Krivosheiw also created numerous wall reliefs fabricated for the painter Tom Wesselmann which are housed in the permanent collections of venerable museums across the globe.




MONUMETAL COMMISSIONSPublic Space, Taipei, Taiwan


MUSEUM EXHIBITIONCummer Museum of Art and Gardens, Jacksonville, Florida


Thomas H. and Diane DeMell Jacobsen PhD Foundation



2010 Soho Grand Hotel, New York, New York
2010 Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art, New York, New York
2000 Dave Parsons Studio, New York, New York



2015 Pashmin Art Gallery, Art Palm Beach, Florida
2015 Cavalier Galleries, Naples Art, Antique & Jewelry Show
2015 Cavalier Galleries, Palm Beach Art, Antique & Jewelry Show
2015 The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, Lake Worth, Florida

2014 Collection Privee, Miami, Florida
2014 Cavalier Galleries, Art Aspen, Aspen, Colorado

2014 Cavalier Galleries, New York, New York/Greenwich, Connecticut/ Nantucket, Massachusetts
2014 C Fine Art, Art Hamptons, Bridgehampton, New York

2014 Baker Sponder Gallery, Boca Raton Resort and Spa, Florida
2014 Pashmin Art Gallery, Art Monaco, Monte-Carlo, Monaco

2014 Pashmin Art Gallery, Scope, New York, New York
2014 Samuel Lynn Gallery, Art Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Florida
2014 Samuel Lynn Gallery, MIA show, Miami, Florida
2013 Gallery Biba, Scope, Miami, Florida
2013 Gallery Biba, Palm Beach, Florida
2013 Unit 1 Gallery, Lake Worth, Florida
2013 C Fine Art, Art Hamptons, Bridgehampton, New York
2012 Butter Gallery, Miami, Florida
2011 ArtBox, Red Dot, Miami, Florida
2011 Evan Lurie Gallery, Art Hamptons, Bridgehampton, New York
2011 C Fineart, Uncommon Ground, Bridge Gardens, BridgeHampton, NY

2011 Art Box, Art Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
2011 ArtBox, Indianapolis, Indiana
2010 Armstrong, Degraaf International Fine Art, Sagutuck, Michigan
2009 Armstrong, Degraaf International Fine Art, Sagutuck, Michigan
2005 56 Adams Street Gallery, New York, New York
2003 Jan Larson Art, New York, New York




1996-2000 B.A. in Sculpture, School of Visual Arts, New York

1994-1996 Studied Mythology, Archaelology, Social Anthropology in Crete, Greece





alexander_krivosheiw_portfolio.pdf (5MB)









From the mind's eye onto paper – creating concepts and sculptures re
quires multiple sketch refinements that help avoid challenges that may present
themselves while working with non-forgiving materials such as metal.







Interview with Plum TV about what inspires Alexander's creative process.





A step-by-step shot of Alexander working on his 8-foot bronze, "Marina De Glace". Shot over 3 month-period, the sculpture was fabricated piece-by-piece from thin bronze sheets.


A one-night exhibition of "Marina De Glace" at the Cheryl Hazan Gallery in NYC, on March 13, 2010. These are the highlights from that night!


One of the first image sequence movies made of Alexander working on the sculpture "Matyas." Detailed shots of grinding and polishing the bronze.